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LEAP and St. Ignatius High School Partner on Required Sophomore Service

Posted on 12/18/17 in General

LEAP and St. Ignatius High School  Partner on  Required  Sophomore Service

St. Ignatius High School students and close friends Michael Boehmand Griffin Hanna recently completed arequired sophomore service experience with Linking Employment Abilities and Potential (LEAP). This marks the first time that LEAP and St. Ignatius High School have partnered to offer community service opportunitiesfor students, with the goal of providing these students with a broader sensitivity to the daily struggles faced by people with disabilities. The new partnership was forged out of a desire by both organizations to create more synergy with their Ohio City neighbors.

Michael and Griffin’s experience began with a disability assessment of the St. Ignatius school campus, facilitated withthe help of long-time LEAP staffer Donna Prease. Using prepared checklists, Donna accompanied the students through a comprehensive review of various campus buildings,walkways, entrances and neighborhood access points,to evaluate the level of accessibility for people with disabilities. Donna and the students were pleased to observe that with the exception of some restroom facilitiesand uneven sidewalks, the Ignatius campus is largely accessible.

Michael and Griffin’sservice experience also includeda nursing home field visit with LEAP staffer Peter Smith. Peter and the students met with a resident and the nursing home’s transition coordinator to determine what would be needed to relocate the resident to independent housingthrough Ohio’s Home Choiceprogram. A personal shopping trip to secure the resident’s needed household items was also included, showing Michael and Griffinthehighlevel of involvement required to help people with disabilities leave long-term care facilities for community-based living.

In addition to these community-based experiences, Michael and Griffin also helped LEAP to organize and catalog a variety of personal technology devices, complete researchand compile a resource liston available smartphone and tablet apps for people with disabilities, and engaged in packet and binder preparation for LEAP consumers.

“This experience has definitely opened our eyes to how hard it can be for people with disabilities to live independentlyin the community” said Michael. “It also makes me more grateful for the level of personal freedom and mobility I have as both an Ignatius student and athlete. I don’t ever want to take that for granted.”

For more information about volunteer or student service opportunities available at LEAP, call 216.696.2716 or Visit LEAP online:, or follow LEAP on Facebook or Twitter: @LEAPOhio.

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