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Do you remember your first summer job?

Posted on 07/05/18 in General

Do you remember your first summer job?

Maybe it was mowing lawns, babysitting, lifeguarding at your neighborhood pool, scooping ice cream at a seasonal stand, stocking groceries at the corner store, or caddying at a local golf club. Many of us earned our spending money and learned valuable work lessons at these first jobs, lessons we may still rely on today.

Earning and learning through a summer job is still vital to today’s teens. But it can be much harder for this generation of teens and young adults to find their own summer jobs. And for teens and young adults with disabilities, the challenge of finding summer work is compounded by persistent stereotypes and fears that they may not be reliable or useful employees.

LEAP has long recognized the varied vocational abilities of local youth with disabilities and has been a regional leader in developing youth employment transition programs that successfully move teens from school-based preparation and career exploration to seasonal community-based work experiences and often permanent jobs with some of Cleveland’s most well-known companies.

Now that summer has arrived, LEAP is proud to welcome our latest round of summer youth employment candidates and their coaches to the start of our annual seasonal employment program orientation in Ohio City.

LEAP is also happy to extend our working relationship with Summer on the Cuyahoga, a unique summer internship program open to college students who are rising juniors, seniors or recent graduates and who desire to learn and grow as professionals by serving LEAP consumers. This year seven of these interns will be working as coaches to our over 50 students in the summer youth employment program to help provide career exploration, training, supervision, and on-site coaching.

Thanks to our partnerships with Eliza Jennings, Marshalls, Franklin Plaza, Old Navy, Walgreen’s Lakewood, Honda, HGR, Walgreen’s Lee Rd., VA Hospital, Walgreen’s Berea, and Southwest Hospital, we will have 11 different worksites for our high school students to explore careers and learn valuable employment and job skills.

Check out this video from one of our past sessions to learn how this program makes a direct impact on our students, businesses and community.

To help provide our students, coaches and interns with the best summer work experiences possible, we need your support! Your gift of $150, $100 or $50 would help LEAP to provide career exploration, training, supervision, on-site coaching and recognition for youth with disabilities throughout the summer and be part of launching them into a sustainable career.

To be part of this special employment initiative, simply donate securely online.

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