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Quantum LEAP Helps to Decrease Isolation for those with Development Disabilities

Posted on 03/27/19 in LEAP Spotlight!

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For adults with developmental disabilities, loneliness and isolation is not an uncommon occurrence. There can be a lack of social opportunities available to many adults with developmental disabilities due to communities without the resources to provide adaptive programs or tools. Studies have shown that socialization opportunities beneficially impact a person's overall physical and mental health.

Recreational activities in the community not only help to improve health outcomes but also fosters self-discovery, creative learning, and self-expression. They provide a fun outlet for individuals to further develop their social skills and grow. These programs help them to build the confidence to live more independently and be an active member of their community.

Quantum LEAP provides an interactive, safe environment for participants to learn healthy interpersonal relationships, develop creative problem-solving skills and have increased access to community recreational facilities. Quantum LEAP social programs are specifically designed or adapted for persons with disabilities; programs that have helped bring out participant’s true personalities like Preston.

Preston, started the Quantum LEAP program a shy, introverted man to become an outgoing individual who no longer wishes to stay at home after work. He actively chooses and participates in his favorite activities and especially enjoys spending time with his bowling friends.

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