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Cuyahoga County paratransit riders: Share your experiences!

Posted on 08/21/20 in Advocacy

Photo: RTA van back open showing staff locking the chair of a rider.

LEAP has partnered with NOBLE, Northern Ohioans for Budget Legislation Equality, to survey users of Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s paratransit service to better understand the rider experience.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that anyone not able to independently access public transportation because of a disability is provided an equivalent, corresponding transportation option within the established service area. Paratransit service is the solution most offered by transit agencies across the U.S. to comply with the law.

All GCRTA paratransit riders are encouraged to complete the linked online questionnaire by Thursday, October 15. Alternatively, participants may download, print, complete and mail a hard copy of the survey [LINK TO PDF] to 3500 Lorain Ave., Suite 501C, Cleveland Ohio 44113.

Responses will inform and support LEAP and NOBLE’s systems advocacy efforts aimed at promoting quality paratransit service accessible to all eligible participants in GCRTA’s footprint.

“The survey was designed to provide a consumer-focused, in-depth view of paratransit service in Cuyahoga County,” said Brittney Madison, NOBLE’s community organizer. “We will be organizing the data into a report that will be shared during future conversations with GCRTA.”

In addition to a series of ratings questions, the short, anonymous survey invites respondents to share anecdotes that illustrate their experiences – both positive and negative – to capture a holistic snapshot.

“Reliable and timely paratransit service is vital to people with disabilities living independently in the community who can’t access GCRTA’s fixed-route service,” said Cheryl Gorham, LEAP’s independent living services director. “I urge all Cuyahoga County paratransit riders to let their voice be heard by completing the survey.”

In addition to promoting continued dialogue with GCRTA, the data collected will help shape NOBLE’s public transportation funding recommendations for the state budget.

“Our goal is to improve the paratransit experience for everyone in Cuyahoga County and throughout Ohio,” said Madison.

NOBLE is a community coalition that protects health, human services and other needs via education and mobilization to provide a citizen voice at the legislative level.

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